Monday, 13 November 2017

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Trip to town
The art gallery has a room with a lot of penis paintings. I think that's quite weird because I don't usually see penis art.

In another room of the art gallery there was a person in chair I thought he was sick because he was so pale.

When we were wandering around town I saw a ballerina behind a building I wondered why the council put a building in front of it.


Today I'm doing music with Mrs McCabe she wants us to make some sounds with whatever we can find. I'm using a water bottle as a shaker. We're doing a building up thing, the first one person will start with their instrument then the next and the next and the next. This time I'm doing drama and people keep making bad decisions including me so we had to go to He Tangata and do some different poses in front of them. Next before we went home we had to re-enact a bank robbery we had to do it in either slow motion, Opera or fast motion. We chose opera and my part was going to the donut shop.

Sculpture reflection

Today we made a sculpture. My key Competency was taking time to get a good result. It helped me with getting a good result because I really wanted to learn a new skill. We made a found art robot called Bot patrol. We used popsicle sticks ,a tin can, cardboard, bottle lids and a plastic bottle. Cooper finished the sculpture when I was in Fiji.

And this is what we were going for

The Heart of Waimairi

I chose this because I believe the heart of Waimairi is friends because friends help you learn and you're at a School, Schools are made for learning and friends also fun to play with.

Calendar art

Today I made a calendar. I collaged the background green then I searched up on the internet Kauri trees I printed it out and put it on black paper cut it out then I stuck it on the background.


Funny memories from when I'm three

Have you ever been so caught up in what you're doing that you put off doing something that needs to be done more urgently? In my case, it was going to the toilet. It was a lovely summer day in the year 2009, my mum was folding washing and I was watching Thomas the tank engine with no pants on. I really needed to go to the toilet but I didn't want to stop watching TV.  So I waited ten minutes. Then I  really needed to go. When I could hold on no longer, I eventually started running to the toilet but, as you might have guessed I didn't make it. By the time I arrived outside the toilet door it was too late and I pooped and weed all over the floor. I thought it looked like a rotten egg that somebody had poached and stuck on the floor. I was feeling a little bit mischievous so I didn't tell my mum, when she found out hours later it was extremely
embarrassing. She took all my DVD’s off me so I had to help her fold washing. That day went so slowly, it felt like a year of being a slave.

The next day I was still feeling mischievous. So when I thought no one was looking, I took some chocolate. I then ran down the hallway and taunted my mum. She ran after me saying “give that back!”. It didn't take her long to get it off me because I was three and wasn't very fast. She had it off me 5 seconds later. Then she told me that I could watch my DVDs again so I flung myself onto the couch and waited as if the TV was just going to turn on by itself, I lazily got up, walked over, turned it on and popped the same old disc in the slot and pressed start. After about an hour of watching the same old videos over and over I thought to myself, let's do something fun, I'm bored. Then I ran to the sink grabbed the dish wash liquid, ran back to the CD player opened it up and poured heaps of dish wash liquid into it. Then ran down the hallway and told my mum what I had done, she wasn't mad, but she wasn't happy either.

Money shot

I think the heart of waimairi school is the children because there can't be a school without children.

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