Tuesday, 4 July 2017

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Week 4
This term I've been doing science learning.
 I built catapults and rocket balloons.

I found out that if you put a vertical angle the balloon won't travel as far. I also found that angle of the base affects how far it will go.

I wonder if you start your balloon at the top of the string it will only stay at the top for the duration of the air coming out of the balloon or will it stay still due to the friction anyway. The bigger the angle the more likely it is to sliding down the string. I also wonder if you make a catapult the same but two times bigger if it will go two times further.

Week 5

Basket Pulleys
The basket goes round because we pull the rope. I wonder if the rope was on a vertical angle that it would go as fast. I also learnt that if you have more than two people it will go a lot slower. It takes longer because it's traveling to  3-4 different places before it reaches its destination. I wonder how long it would take if there were ten people. The ball went down the ramp because gravity was pulling the ball down. I wonder if you make the ramp two times bigger that if the ball will go two times faster.

Week 6

Ping Pong Ramps

The ball goes down because gravity is thrusting it to the ground. I wonder how fast it would rocket down the ramp if I made the ramp two times bigger. I also wonder if you took the railings of that if the ping pong ball would still go straight.


Week 7


I found that when you add more weights the ball goes further than when we got to about six rubber bands. The distance decreased but then our seventh rubber bands went further again I wonder why.

Week 7

Mini golf course/marble run

Today I did a golf course. I learnt that when you put a pencil in the way of the ball the ball will just go over the pencils. That happens because the ball is rolling too fast for the ball to have any friction so it doesn't slow the ball down. Also the ball was bigger than the stack of pencils making it a lot easier for the ball to roll over the pencils. I wonder if the wall as bigger than the ball if the ball would still roll over.

Week 8

Laws of motion

Push is a type of force. Push is like when you push a shopping cart and then the shopping cart moves forward in a straight line depending on how you push it. When you push the shopping cart hard the shopping cart will go fast and when you push it soft it will slowly make its way across the cross the room. Pull is another type of force. Pull is when you're pulling a door shut. Motion is another type of force. Motion is movement. Movement is when something is moving. When you drive a car that is movement, when you push a shopping trolley that is motion. Gravity is also force. Gravity is when the Earth's core is pulling everything on Earth and preventing us from floating into space and having massive sinkholes.

I did cotton ball launching catapults at science time. This is how to make our specific catapult first you grab 10-20 popsicle sticks put them in a bunched line add a spoon then tape them together with masking tape.

With one cotton ball the high score was 11.49m and for three cotton balls the high score was only 7.07m. So my overall statement is that when you add too much weight the cotton ball or balls don't fly as far.
My variables were rubber bands and cotton balls. So we could see what would happen when we added more weight . My measurements for one cotton ball.
For 0 rubber bands I got 1.79m.
For 1 rubber band I got 2.23m
For 2 rubber bands I got 5.84m
For 3 rubber bands I got 7.01m
For 4 rubber bands I got 8.07m
For 5 rubber bands I got 7.81m
For 6 rubber bands I got 10.13m
For 7 rubber bands I got 10.48m
For 8 rubber bands I got 10.70m
For 9 rubber bands I got 11.49m
For 10 rubber bands I got 6.40m
The tools we used were chalk and metre rulers
We gathered measurement data because if we hadn't of gotten the information there would have been next to no reason to do catapults and rocket balloons. The variables I changed were how many rubber bands we put on the cotton ball-balls and how many cotton balls we were flinging in catapult. The more weight we added made it go further but then when we added too much weight the cotton ball didn't go as far. I learnt that when you put more cotton balls on the catapult it won't go as far.

I could use this new learning in a few different ways like if I want to play rugby I could know how hard I would have to kick the ball to make it a conversion. My activity uses force because your pulling back the spoon and when you release it the spoon pushes the ball into the air and the ball is moving through the air and that is motion. I wonder if you could add more cotton balls that it would go further because I think when I got a decrease in my results it might have been a misfire.the force our playground uses are. Merry go round - push, pull, acceleration, friction. Flying fox - acceleration, push, pull, friction. Climbing wall - push, pull. Slide - friction, push, pull, acceleration. Seesaw - push, pull. Monkey bars - push, pull, friction. Ladder - push, pull, friction. River - push, acceleration.

Week 9
Science blog

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