Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Lucky hat

I'm a top hat and I'm badly kept, partly grey, dark green. I'm always feeling lucky just hoping to be worn. I have a terrible relationship with my partner because I'm all old and dirty so he doesn't wear me I'm annoyed because I'm never being worn. I might be old but I still love him. 

I used to have the golden touch I made my master rich but now I'm just batted and old. I once sat proudly upon my owner's head.
Obviously he thought that my luck ran out.  
scrunched up and tossed into a dark, damp and dusty wardrobe. One evening when I thought there was no hope of being loved. then I saw a bright light at that second I was whipped up and plonked on my master's head. I was carted outside and stuffed through 
another door and driven to a store dumped on a shelf and left.

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