Wednesday, 7 September 2016

International language

                      International language

Have you ever been to another Country and haven't been able to speak the language? Well I have. It is such an inconvenience to have to look in the phrase book every time you need to use a word. I remember that time I had to look in the phrasebook for every - single - word……it is very frustrating!!!

Could you imagine going to any country in the world like Spain, Cuba, Nigeria, China, Japan, Dubai and being able to  speak to everyone? Don't  you think it  would be cool if there were an international language like English  and you could go anywhere and just speak english. 

Going to another country can be hard, but when you don't speak their language it's extra difficult. Asking for help at the airport, or if you need a cab at your hotel you have to look in  the phrasebook - It's so frustrating.  Not being able to communicate can also lead to confusion like the time I was wearing my messi football top in France. I was at a boulangerie, that's French for bakery - yum! Standing outside, waiting for my dad and a Frenchman walked up and said “Messi, Messi”. I did know a little bit of French and knew that ‘Merci’ is French for thank you,  but why is this stranger saying thank you to me? I didn't realise that I was wearing my Messi football top and so said ‘merci’ thank you, back to him. The confusion carried on until I realised I was wearing my Messi top and said ‘Aaahhh!’
Would this confusion have happened if we both spoke English.

Also, when you go to a restaurant in another country and you look on the menu there are only about two things that are in english so when you want an item of food you have to wait for the waiter to come and tell you what the other things on the menu actually are in english.  Sometimes the waiter doesn't even speak english and another person has to say what it is and sometimes you end up ordering something you don't even like.

Not being able to communicate also makes it hard for people who move to other countries to live. 
There is a girl in my class that doesn't speak much english. 
She could settle in easier if she did. She could make friends easier if she did. 
Imagine how hard it would be if your family said that you were moving to Iceland. If it were me I would panic five hours straight.  The first thing I would think was I can't speak Icelandic. But if everyone spoke English I could hang out, play football and most of all I would be happy moving to Iceland and so would everyone else.

If everyone spoke English there would be no confusion and travel would be be much easier and you could throw the phrasebook in the bin or burn them.